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venerdì 29 agosto 2008

Liquid City

Blog dedicato al volume antologico Liquid City della Image :
Il volume contiene principalmente fumetti realizzati da autori del sudest asiatico (Singapore, Malaysia, Filippine, Thailandia).


by Leong Wan Kok

by F.S.C.

'Otah Tree'
by Troy Chin

'Food Kingdom'
by Kaoru

'Malinky Robot: Stinky Fish Blues'
by Sonny Liew

'Love Hurts'
by Gerry Alanguilan

'The Chicken Licken Phenomenon'
by Chin Sau Lim

'Bird Bird'
by kenfoo

'Me and My Food'
by Shari Chankhamma

'Alpha Gorilla'
by Otto Fong

by Michael Chuah

by Kuanth

by Mike Carey and Sonny Liew

'The Pouch Puppeteer'
by Koh Hong Teng

'The Trip'
by Lat

by Charlene Chua and Wayne Santos

'The Boy and the Paper Plane'
by Nguyen Thanh Phong

by Ho Seng Hui

'No Matter...'
by Suttichart Sarapaiwanich

'For Love'
by Lefty

by Koh Hong Teng

'Harpy Lullaby'
by Hu Jingxuan

'I Grew a Spaceship'
by Drewscape

by Leong Wan Kok

'Bear Bear'
by kenfoo


'Robot Parade'
by Jon Foster

'Civil Wars'
by Ray Toh

'Lava Man Invasion'
by Gary Choo

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